Cutting edge: Extended and improved range of jigsaw and sabre saw blades

Nürtingen, February 2020

Cutting edge: Extended and improved range of jigsaw and sabre saw blades from Metabo

Nürtingen, February 2020: The latest, literally polished idea from Nürtingen: An extended and improved range of jigsaw and sabre saw blades. "With the revision of this accessory segment, on the one hand we wanted to close gaps in our range and on the other hand make selecting the right saw blade easier", explains product manager Tobias Christen. Whether precise and clean cuts in wood and metal or in special materials such as stainless or insulating materials – Metabo offers now the right saw blade for any application. "Like this we can meet the different demands even better", says Christen. Apart from the improved quality of the saw blades, Metabo has also optimised the design of the prints and packaging. The respective colour identifies the material to be machined, and easy-to-understand pictograms visualise the most important information on the packaging. Like this, craftsmen can quickly and easily find the right saw blade. "It was important to use that professional uses can see at first glance for which application area the respective saw blade is suited", says product manager Christen.


More cuts - less blade change

And this starts already with the naming. From "precision wood“ to "demolition metal“ – the craftsman knows exactly where he is at. "The right accessory considerably contributes to the efficiency on the construction site and in the workshop, for a saw blade that precisely matches the application and material, simply makes working easier", says Christen. The two new products "carbide metal“ and "carbide wood & metal“ manage even cuts in very hard materials. "Carbide“: The saw blade has individually welded-on carbide teeth that quickly and powerfully saw through the material. Furthermore, they are robust and have a particularly long service life. "Even materials that are hard to saw, such as high-strength steel or cast steel do not pose any problem to the new carbide saw blades", explains Christen. "They easily cope even demanding demolition work and remove even particularly stable connections from wood and metal." Especially for sawing metal pipes, Metabo now offers the new metal sabre saw blaces "flexible fast metal“. Their recipe for success is the curved blade shape: It ideally matches the round shape of the pipes to be sawed. "If you position the saw blade on a metal pipe, a greater contact surface between saw blade and material is created compared to straight sabre saw blades. Thus up to ten percent more teeth saw into the pipe. This increases the cutting speed by 30 percent."


Anything but ordinary

Extraordinary materials require extraordinary solutions. This is why Metabo offers new saw blades also for insulating materials such as minteral wood, foams or polystyrene. Thanks to the double serrated edge, the new sabre saw blades "expert fibre insulation" effect fast and clean cuts also into these soft materials. The new sabre saw blades "expert cast iron premium" add a fresh breeze to the blade collection. With these sabre saw blades, you can even perform cuts in pipes with cement lining. For fast, precise cuts in particularly thick soft wood and in metal sandwich panels, craftsmen can use the extra long, break-proof jigsaw blades "precision wood" and "sandwich metal" with an overall length of 250 millimetres.


Sleek appearance

With so many new products you can easily lose track. Therefore, Metabo has also revised and standardised the differentiation system of the jigsaw and sabre saw blade range. Thanks to the improved colour print on the saw blade and the packaging, users quickly identify for which material the saw blade is suited. For example, yellow stands for wood and blue for metal. The packaging was also revamped. "We have completely revised our pictograms. The symbols are now even clearer so that the user can see at a glance for which application the saw blade is suited", summarises Christen.

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