New small angle grinders

Nürtingen, 14.01.2020

Equipped for every application: More power with the small angle grinders from Metabo

Nürtingen, January 2020: Metabo has provided its small angle grinders with a power upgrade. In the compact class, the 1,100 watt series and the 1,350 watt series are new additions. And these are not just empty figures: The new 1,100 watt tools offer around 20 percent more power and still have the same narrow handle circumference of 194 millimetres as the existing 900 watt grinders. "With these slim grinders you can deburr smaller components, for example, where you have to change position frequently, quickly and flexibly," says product manager Christoph Sautter. The new 1,350 watt angle grinders replace the previous 1,250 watt series. "We are thus adapting our range to the increased demands on the market and offer a good balance between the smaller 1,100 watt angle grinders and the more powerful 1,550 watt grinders," explains Sautter. Metabo is also expanding its range of the most powerful of the small angle grinders with 1,700 watts to offer additional variants for higher demands in metal, steel, machine construction, plant engineering and pipeline construction..


Marathon in shift operation

These more powerful machines are also suitable for longer applications, even for shift work. The Metabo Marathon-motor with its high overload capacity makes them particularly durable and long-lasting. "Thanks to the expanded range of small angle grinders, we offer the right tool for ever user and different demands - from small locksmith's shops to large industrial companies", says Sautter. Practical for every location: With the Metabo M-Quick function, the discs can be changed quickly and without tools, and the machines are compatible with all standard angle grinder accessories.


Safety for any demand

"If we continue to develop our angle grinders, we do not only focus on the topic of increased performance, but above all on the safety of the users", says Sautter. Therefore, machines with the matching safety functions are available for any area of application. For example, if you work high up, a fall protection system is important, as it is available in the DS versions of the 1,700 watt series. Some devices also have a fast brake that stops the disc within two seconds or a deadman switch that reliably shuts down the machine if control is lost. The Auto-balancer, which is already available on the 1,100-watt series, reduces vibrations and thus enables longer working without health risks. "The Metabo S-automatic safety clutch is installed in all angle grinders and reduces kickbacks to the lowest level on the market," says product manager Sautter. "With these safety functions, users are optimally protected not only in normal workshop operation, but also in particularly demanding work areas."

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