New cordless shrub and grass shears and cordless backpack sprayer

Nürtingen, March 2021: Whether grass, hedge or tree - with the new garden tools from Metabo, garden professionals can now operate their most important applications with the powerful battery packs from the Nürtingen-based power tool manufacturer. The new two-in-one battery-powered shrub and grass shears SGS 18 LTX Q with 18 volts and PowerMaxx SGS 12 Q with 12 volts ensure precise cuts and lawn edges. The 18-volt battery-powered backpack sprayer RSG 18 LTX 15 with plant protection and strengthening agents ensures radiant greenery - without the need for manual pumping.

Perfectly shaped cuts
"Our new shrub and grass shears combine two applications in one tool and thus offer users maximum flexibility. At the same time, they work powerfully and precisely," says Carina Frank, Product Manager at Metabo. With the Metabo Quick System, the respective blade attachments can be changed quickly and without tools with just one handle. So the shrub shears easily become grass shears and vice versa. The shears weigh only 800 grams without the battery, are ergonomically designed and run quietly and trouble-free - hedges, bushes and shrubs can be comfortably trimmed to shape with the shrub shears. As grass shears, the SGS 18 LTX Q and the PowerMaxx SGS 12 Q ensure neat lawn edges. With the telescopic pole available as an accessory, users can work while standing, which is easy on the back. "With both shrub and grass shears, users achieve absolutely precise cutting results. This is ensured by our high-quality laser-cut and diamond-ground blades with a cutting thickness of up to eight millimetres," says Carina Frank. The additional safety switch and the integrated blade quick stop make working particularly safe. "Thanks to our powerful rechargeable batteries, the shrub and grass shears also last a very long time. For example, the SGS 18 LTX Q with a Li-Ion battery pack with a capacity of 2.0 ampere hours manages 150 minutes with the grass blade and 165 minutes with the shrub blade," says Carina Frank.

The right care
To keep foliage healthy, it needs protection and care. With the 18-volt battery-powered backpack sprayer RSG 18 LTX 15, plant protection and strengthening agents are sprayed absolutely evenly without manual pumping. The electronically controlled pump ensures particularly efficient and long-lasting work: Users can infinitely adjust the working pressure and thus precisely dose the spray quantity. In this way, up to 90 litres can be applied in four hours with just one battery pack. The brass nozzle makes it easy to switch between spray mist and jet. "Because the unit is not too light with a full 15-litre tank, the issue of ergonomics was very important to us. The shape of the tank and the padded straps with click closure make it very comfortable to carry and easy on the back," explains Carina Frank.


The shrub and grass shears and the backpack sprayer are three of seven new cordless tools with which Metabo is expanding its garden range this year. More tools are to be added over time. This will not only expand Metabo's product range, but also the cross-manufacturer rechargeable battery system CAS (Cordless Alliance System), in which more than 230 machines from 23 brands are currently compatible with a rechargeable battery.



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