Excellent battery-powered random orbital sander from Metabo

Nürtingen, April 2021: Whether sanding woodwork before coating high up on the scaffold or resanding edges before applying oil, one thing always gets in the way: the cable. The solution? Full freedom with a rechargeable battery. "And that is precisely why we are now launching a powerful cordless sander on the market," says Metabo Product Manager Sebastian Koch. The new SXA 18 LTX 125 BL cordless random orbital sander from Metabo is the ideal machine for a wide range of sanding jobs with its compact design, low weight and integrated self-extraction. "The machine has a vibration circuit of 2.0 millimetres - this ensures the highest surface quality and good stock removal," explains Koch. A removable protector protects adjacent surfaces and the sanding disc from damage during sanding.

Powerful, light and compact
Sanding off old paint, intermediate sanding of varnish on surfaces or smoothing primed wood surfaces: The new cordless random orbital sander masters all this with its powerful brushless motor. It is also suitable for demanding continuous use because the brushless motor guarantees constant speeds, even under heavy load. Since the grinder weighs little and is particularly flat and compact, overhead grinding is also possible without any problems. "When developing the grinder, we made sure that it fits perfectly in the hand. This means that it can be comfortably guided particularly close to the surface. But we think ergonomics even further, because our new machine is also particularly low in vibration thanks to its very quiet running." The grinder thus offers full flexibility in the workshop, on the construction site and on the scaffolding. To ensure that nothing goes wrong up there, the grinder can be secured with the Metabo safety straps via the built-in metal hook. A removable protector prevents adjacent surfaces and components from being damaged by the sandpaper or sanding disc. In addition, the protector protects the sanding disc from wear. The motor and disc brake permanently prevents uncontrolled rotation of the sanding disc when idling. This prevents the rotating sanding disc from damaging high-quality surfaces when the machine is set down. If the professional is working with materials that need to be processed carefully - such as fine filler materials or thin layers of paint during intermediate sanding - he can reduce the speed continuously.

Dust-free work even without a vacuum
Sanding can produce dusts that are harmful to health - so optimum suction power is important. The new cordless random orbital sander achieves this thanks to its integrated suction system in combination with multi-hole sanding discs. A dust bag collects the dust and can be emptied quickly and easily. "Thanks to the self-extraction, professionals can work flexibly and with low dust levels. This is particularly practical on construction sites outdoors or on scaffolding," explains Koch. In addition, the sanding disc with multi-holes reduces dust exposure and additionally protects the user's health. For even more safety, the user simply connects a vacuum cleaner, such as the AS 18 L PC Compact cordless vacuum cleaner for class L dusts. The grinder is simply connected directly to the vacuum cleaner via the suction socket - and without any cables. The ASR 36-18 BL 25 M SC cordless vacuum cleaner is the right choice for class M dust. Thanks to the integrated "CordlessControl" system, it switches on automatically as soon as the grinder is in operation - manual switching on and off is no longer necessary. This makes sanding and vacuuming completely cordless.

The new cordless random orbital sander is available either in a metaBOX or in a carton in various sets. All sets come with a textile dust bag, protector and multi-hole sanding disc. In addition, the sander is available as a set with extensive accessories or in combination with the new AS 18 L PC Compact cordless vacuum cleaner.



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