Social responsibility

We as Metabo group are aware of our social responsibility and gear our actions towards generally applicable ethnic values and principles, especially towards integrity, righteousness, respect of human dignity, openness and non-discrimination of religion, ideology, gender and ethics. We reject corruption and bribery and represent fair competition. Sustainable management, just like the protection of our employees to safeguard health and occupational safety is an essential part of our corporate culture.

The responsibility to compliance with this code of conduct and the following principles is required from all our employees. The Metabo group lives these principles and checks compliance thereof, even if the regulations that we have imposed on ourselves exceed the legal requirements. We also strive to demand compliance with our code of conduct from our customers and suppliers.

Legal compliance

We comply with the applicable laws and other legal provisions which are decisive for the company, regardless of the countries in which we operate.

In particular, we observe the relevant laws and regulations when importing and exporting, not only in connection with the products, but also with regard to all types of freight and technology..

No to bribery and corruption

We reject corruption and bribery within the provisions of the corresponding UN convention and national regulations.

We promote in a suitable manner transparency, integral acting and responsible management and control within the company.

Fair competition

We follow clean and recognised business practices and fair competition, and we orient ourselves to professional conduct and quality-compliant working.

Occupational safety and health protection

We guarantee compliance with occupational and employment laws.

We protect our employees from hazards at the workplace and support measures to promote health.

Wages, social benefits and working hours correspond at least to the local statutory standards and requirements.

Compliance with fundamental freedom and human rights

We stand up for compliance with fundamental freedom and the international bill for human rights, and we do not tolerate any discrimination based on national and ethnical origin, social background, health status, disability, sexual orientation, age, gender, political opinion, religion, or ideology. We stand up for equal opportunities.


The prohibition of forced labour of any kind is supported by us. Furthermore, we protect our employees from physical punishment and physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment or abuse.

We stand up for the protection and granting of the right to freedom of opinion, freedom of speech and freedom of association.

Compliance with the ban of child labour and consideration of legal provisions with regard to minimum age of employees are mandatory and a matter of course to us.

Environmental protection

Our products, services and processes are designed to comply with environmentally-friendly practices. In all locations where we operate we respect the environmental requirements and act responsibly when handling natural resources.