Dust Extraction


The automatic filter cleaning in our all-purpose vacuum cleaner lets you work without interruption and with its automatic switch-on feature it makes the perfect partner for our power tools. As a certificated safety vacuum cleaner, the ASR 35 M ACP is approved for L, M and H class hazardous dusts, and is naturally also perfectly suited for general cleaning around the construction site.

Clean solutions - extraction systems for dust-free working.

Your customers expect excellent work results. If you also leave behind a clean work environment, you will also leave a particularly good impression, which will result in a significantly higher rate of recommendation!

The protection of your health is also important to us: With our H-vacuum cleaners the dusts extracted during sanding, sawing or routing end up in a filter bag instead of your lungs, thanks to a filter separation efficiency of up to 99.995 %.

The development of low-noise and low-vibration machines is always a part of user protection for us - to let you work better and for longer.

Dust classes