The protection of your health is important to us

On construction sites and in the workshop different types of dust are generated, for example wood, gypsum, lead and fibre dust. These are harmful for the body and some can even lead to lung cancer. Depending on the activity, partly extreme dust loads can occur, for example when breaking off tiles without air purifier. This should only be done with an effective dust extraction, as the user's health will suffer without effective countermeasures.


Obviously, the risk always depends on the type of dust, as well as the duration and amount of load. The powerful vacuum cleaners from Metabo always protect both users and the working environment. This results in less dust in the air and also a significantly longer service life of the power tool. Dust that has been extracted cannot deposit anymore on the contacts or in the motor of the machine.


L-Vacuum cleaner:

Dusts can be a hazard to the user's health. Our L-vacuum cleaners hold back 99% of dust and thus ensure a high degree of user safety.


L-vacuum cleaners are suitable for:


  • Dust with AGW values > 1mg /m3
  • Slightly hazardous dust
  • For example: Domestic dust, gypsum



M-vacuum cleaners:

With our M-vacuum cleaners the dusts extracted during sanding, sawing or routing end up directly in the vacuum cleaner instead of your lungs, thanks to a filter separation efficiency of up to 99.9%. This also keeps your work environment clean.


M-vacuum cleaners are suitable for:


  • Dust with AGW values > 0.1 mg/m3
  • Dust of medium hazard e.g. wood dusts (beech / oak)
  • Mineral dust class M e.g. quartz dust

H-vacuum cleaner:

With our H-vacuum cleaners even hazardous dust does not stand a change, since thanks to the filter separation efficiency of up to 99.95% the user is protected and the working environment is kept clean.

H-vacuum cleaners are suited for:


  • Dust with AGW values < 0.1 mg/m3
  • Carcinogenic dust
  • Dust containing pathogens
  • For example: chrome, nickel, removal of mould


The matching accessories for Metabo vacuum cleaners

At Metabo you find a large selection of accessories that can be used for the different machines and applications for dust extraction.