A.  General warranty conditions

Metabo grants a manufacturer's warranty for all its products in accordance with the laws of the respective country for a period of one year from the date of sale of the machine to the end user. In addition, buyers of a compressor receive a 10-year warranty against corrosion of the pressure vessel.

B.  3 year battery pack warranty

For battery packs, Metabo grants a manufacturer's warranty of 3 years (Metabo 3 year battery pack warranty) without limitation of charging cycles, starting from the date of sale of the battery pack to the end user.


C.  XXL Warranty conditions

In addition to the aforementioned guarantee declarations, Metabo provides a manufacturer's guarantee on its products, starting with the date of purchase of the end consumer for a total period of 3 years. You can claim this warranty extension by registering your Metabo product online at no later than four weeks after purchase. The registration can be carried out both by the specialist dealer and by the buyer himself. At the end of the registration process you will be taken to your XXL Warranty Certificate. This certificate serves as XXL warranty confirmation. The warranty extension is always machine related, i.e. every purchased machine must be registered as XXL machine.

D.  Warranty exclusion

The warranty does not cover, in particular, improper use (e.g. overloading of the machine or use of non-approved tools), use of force, damage due to external influences or foreign bodies (e.g. sand or stones), damage due to non-compliance with the operating instructions (e.g. connection to an incorrect mains voltage or type of current or non-compliance with the assembly instructions) or normal wear and tear. Partially or completely dismantled machines and accessories are also excluded from the guarantee.


E.  Claiming warranty services and supplementary regulations

a)  The aforementioned guarantee declarations cover only defects that are attributable to material and/or manufacturing defects. The warranty covers in particular the proper functioning of electronic components and batteries as well as the absence of defects in materials such as plastics and metal.
b)  In the event of a warranty claim, Metabowerke GmbH shall bear the costs of subsequent performance/repair and transport. After the free choice of the Metabowerke GmbH either a free repair or an exchange of the device is accomplished in the case of warranty.
c)  The warranty applies to the country in which the Metabo product was purchased.  
d)  The warranty services specified here apply in addition to the other rights of the buyer/end user. Irrespective of this guarantee, the policyholder has the legal rights of the buyer, in particular warranty rights or product liability. The legal rights of the buyer are not limited by this warranty. They apply without limitation in addition to this warranty.  
e)  The purchaser is not entitled to assign his rights under the Metabo guarantee to third parties.
f)  The rights arising from this guarantee may not be transferred to third parties.  
Metabowerke GmbH, Metabo-Alle 1 in 72622 Nürtingen, Germany
in writing, by e-mail or by telephone. Further information on how to contact us can be found at
g)  If a warranty claim is asserted, the original sales receipt with the date of sale must be enclosed. In addition, when asserting a warranty claim under the XXL warranty, the XXL warranty certificate must be sent to your Metabo Service Center together with the original sales receipt and the defective device.