Opportunities to join Metabo UK


You have been established in professional life for some time and feel comfortable in a technical environment? You are curious and would like to participate in tomorrow's innovations without delay?

Customer orientation is particularly important for you and you like to engage yourself in a cross-hierarchical team?

Then you are the right one for us! Even if you are straight out of University, we are looking forward to your application and to offer you the perfect start for your career. 

... to the company services


Study only is not enough and you would like to connect theories with practice? We can offer you just what you want: exciting insights in a future-oriented company and the possibility to make valuable contacts. Even if your dissertation topic is ideally with us and you can receive optimum support, we also offer possibilities for:

  • Work placements
  • Dissertations
  • Working students
  • Flexipool


When building a house, a solid foundation is the most important thing. The same applies to the career: Good training is the best start into a successful job you like and which matches you. With us you can embark on new paths to achieve this: Work placements during your school time offer you insights into professions that might interest you. As soon as you have your school leaving certificate, you can start training with Metabo or go full speed ahead with us with a dual study course. We offer you:

  • Vocational orientation
  • Industrial training
  • Commercial training
  • Dual study course


Work placements

Practical experience is the most important thing when starting a job, and nothing is better than a work placement in order to get to know a potential employer. At Metabo you will get an insight into the work of a medium-sized company with international orientation and can integrate your strengths into exciting projects. “We are looking forward to having you with us".


The dissertation is the absolute highlight of a course of studies. Naturally, you would not like to write it just anywhere. If you are looking for a practice-oriented dissertation on an innovative and internationally successful company, you have come to the right place! With the Swabian spirit of ingenuity we are continuously working to further develop our products. Support us with your pioneering dissertation!

Working students

The study course does not pay for itself. Do you want to earn some extra money and gain valuable practical experience at the same time? Apply now as a working student in one of our commercial or technical departments. Kindly state the desired department in your application.


You are looking for a possibility to earn some extra cash and can work flexible hours? Then our "Flexi-pool“ is just the thing for you: You support us in times of order peaks and are a valuable part of the Metabo team. We are mainly looking for employees for the logistics department.


Vocational orientation

School time is coming to an end and you have to choose a profession now? We offer you insights in different professions which might interest you. Via a student work placement you can get a taste of our company during school time and without obligation in order to see which vocational training suits you best.

Industrial training

School time is over - now the exciting professional world is waiting for you! If you have a school leaving certificate with acceptable marks and you're interested in technical matters, you should get in contact with us! We offer you an open and collegial working atmosphere and many interesting training positions with which you can start a successful professional career. You can learn the following commercial professions at Metabo:

  • Mechanical/electronics engineer
  • Industrial mechanic
  • Machine and plant operator
  • Warehouse logistics specialist

Mechanical/electronics engineer

You are interested in commercial and economical topics, intend to do your GCSE’s and expect to get good marks? A training course in our commercial department is the right choice in order to start your career in an international company! Apply now: we train industrial business management assistants every year.

Dual study course (DHBW)

You have passed your A-Levels and want to aim high? Then tweak your career and get off to a powerful flying start! Together with the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University we offer a study course, which optimally combines theory and professional practice. This permits you to gain knowledge, collect practical experience and earn your own money right from the start.