Metabo in dialogue
We believe: Listening is the start of any good idea.

Cordless System
Our vision of a cable-free construction site.

Quick, professional and the ideal partner. The Metabo service.

M+ System
Optimised power - with the right system- and consumable accessories

Drywall construction

Smart finishing: innovations for drywall construction.

These days drywall construction meets the highest demands of design, impact strength and protection against the heat, cold, noise and fire. To ensure that these demands are met, pros need reliable and powerful construction tools. We provide a comprehensive assortment for all your drywall construction tasks – from building the stud framework through to the perfect surface finishing of walls and ceilings.

Cordless Multi-Tool

Essential for cutting and modification tasks – a new addition to the 18 volt Metabo cordless system.

Drywall screwdrivers

Now the widest range with three different speed ranges available in mains and cordless versions.

Long-neck Sanders

Light and practical with innovative dust extraction. Adjusts to three working lengths to suit various room heights and sizes.