Sales network

Development of the worldwide Metabo branch network

Metabo's dynamic development since its founding on 19 February 1924 is best reflected in the high rate of speed at which the Swabian company has founded branch offices all over the world.


Interview with long-time head of the Export division Günter Fritz on internationalisation at Metabo

A focus on customers worldwide

An international focus is part of Metabo's DNA. When Albrecht Schnizler invented his metal drill in 1923, he was already thinking about export strategies right from the start. He also had early success, receiving his first large-scale order on 23 July 1923 for 500 type 18 metal drills for the English market.

Internationalisation picked up speed after the war and reconstruction. From the 1970s on, in particular, Metabo was highly successful in tapping into new markets on every continent.


No matter where Metabo works, its approach remains the same: employees focus on listening to people and on careful observation. After all, "makers" work differently in different countries. In addition to voltages and plug types, work techniques, safety standards, materials, training, and cultural preferences themselves differ from country to country – in some cases significantly from the practices in Germany.


Because of this, right from the start Metabo has understood internationalisation as more than just developing a global network of retailers. Instead, at the Nürtingen headquarters we work with a Swabian spirit of innovation, to understand the needs of users in other parts of the world and find clever, practical solutions – from special ergonomic features to country-specific practices. And there are a lot of those. One example: while European professionals prefer jigsaws with a knob handle, almost all of their colleagues in the US use a version with a curved handle.

The motto we chose for our 100th birthday has defined our actions for a hundred years: Building our World. Together.