Advantages of Metabo machines

Systemised innovation

In all Metabo machines there are technologies delivering special features and benefits: From the Metabo Ultra-M battery technology to the Autobalancer in angle grinders, or the Metabo Quick System, which allows you a tool free change of application and enables you to work quickly and efficiently.

Advantages of the Metabo machines:

Ultra-M technology
for highest performance, gentle efficient charging, optimum energy utilisation and long service life

Metabo Quick Tool Change
without key, quickly, comfortably and safely
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Motor brake
For quick stop of the saw blade in just 3 seconds

Paddle switch with deadmans function
For high user protection

Metabo VibraTech (MVT)
Viibration damping for convenient continuous operation

Metabo Marathon-Motor
with patented dust protection for long service life
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AutoClean Plus
Saving in cost and time by means of automatic filter cleaning during continuous use

Overload protection
protects the motor from overheating

Semi-automatic filter cleaning during breaks for continual readiness

Vario-Constamatic (VC)-Full wave electronics
for working at customised speeds to suit the application material, and speeds that also remain almost constant even under load

Antistatic basic equipment
for a vacuum cleaner prevents static charge when using appropriate accessories

LED power light
Excellent illumination thanks to the high-performance Power-LED

Effective extraction through the machine housing for maximum flexibility of the sanding head.

Crane eyelets (Power Compressors)
for safe and easy transport on the construction site.

Metabo disc brake
Stops the slowing disc in 2 seconds for reduced risk of accidents
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Flat-head angle grinder
with extremely flat gear housing for working in acute angles down to 43°

Metabo Straight Cut System (SCS)
a guide fin located in the base plate makes sawing straight even easier

Selectable "impulse" mode
for removal of damaged screws and for spot-drilling on smooth and delicate surfaces

Quiet induction motor
- maintenance-free and robust

Electronic soft start
for smooth startup

Manual filter cleaning using strong air flow activated via the switch on the extraction unit ideally during breaks

Vario-Tacho-Constamatic (VTC)-Full Wave Electronics
for working at customised speeds to suit the application material and speeds that remain almost constant, even under load

Metabo pump protection
Automatic run dry protection with LED display to protect the pump and provide high user safety

Three heating levels
The temperature can be set at three levels for low, medium or strong heat
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USB connection
Two fast USB connections for charging and operating of USB devices

Extremely hard-wearing thanks to wind- and weather-resistant, tear-proof material

Pendulum stroke for Sabre Saws and Jig Saws
Selectable pendulum stroke for optimum sawing performance in any material

Continuous Mode (Power compressors and construction and waste water pumps)
Designed for continuous operation with S1 motor operating mode.

Metabo quick change
of chuck and accessory, ideal for alternating applications and providing maximum flexibility

Patented mechanical quick blade stop
(in 0.05 seconds) for improved safety

For minimal hand/arm vibrations and extended service life of grinding discs and machine
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Precision Stop
Electronic torque control with increased precision for accurate and intricate working

Metabo S-automatic torque limiting clutch
Mechanical decoupling of the drive for safe working should the drill stop unexpectedly
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Saving in cost and time by means of automatic filter cleaning during continuous use

Restart protection
prevents unintentional restart after a power cut
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Oil-free compressor
Oil-free piston condenser for simple transportation and reduced service requirements

Optimum protection from dust
For clean, comfortable working: chips and dust are extracted immediately and effectively

Electronic safety shutdown
of the motor for safe working if the grinding/cutting wheel stops unexpectedly
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Extremely hard-wearing thanks to wind- and weather-resistant, tear-proof material

Brushless Motor
Unique Metabo brushless motor for quick work progress and highest efficiency for any application

Two-speed gear unit
Two drilling speeds for effective drilling in wood and metal.

Fast Break
Fast Brake brings additional safety by stopping the tool when switched off
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