Metabo Angle Grinders:

70 years of evolution

Metabo launched the first angle grinder on the market in 1953: low-speed grinder no. 763, with a speed of 1,600 rpm. Not much by today's standards, but at the time there were no suitable abrasives for higher speeds. Metabo rapidly expanded its range of angle grinders, working closely with professional users in the trades and industry, making them safer, easier to handle, and more powerful. Today, Metabo's product range has something for every requirement, and offers tools that are compact, powerful, and easy to handle. Manufacturing of many angle grinder models is still rooted in our home city of Nürtingen – from idea to production and assembly.

Machine types

of the 1950s/1960s

Metabo Alley: headquarters from 1969 to the present

Rooted in Nürtingen

Metabo moves into the updated, bright, and modern company offices at its new headquarters in 1969. In reality, Metabo hasn't moved far: only about 500 meters, then a second time around one and a half kilometers. Measured in technological advancement, however, Metabo has revolutionised the world of power tools.

The southern part of Gerberstraße is officially renamed Metabo Alley in 1999, the year the company celebrates its 75th anniversary. Metabo's new address is symbolic of the company's choice to maintain deep roots in Nürtingen ever since its founding.

Macho men & their machines

A man's domain through the 1960s and 1970s

The year 1967 is full of changes and important events: colour TV replaces black and white sets – and Metabo presents the new Multi-tool catalogue with 29 attachments and 274 tools. The new slogan, "Men use Metabo", fits in with its time and with the company's customer base: the trades are truly a man's domain, and most companies only hire women to work in the office.

Times change

Despite all this, times change. In the 1980s, Metabo becomes aware that its marketing claims are offensive to women – and that female users want to be taken seriously. "Men use Metabo" is history. Metabo's tool stand for quality, performance, and safety – for men and women alike. Everyone is welcome at Metabo, where they can find tools that work for them and meet their needs.