Double charging power: the ASC 145 Duo from Metabo

Nürtingen, February 2020

Double charging power: the ASC 145 Duo from Metabo

Nürtingen, February 2020: Who works with many cordless machines knows the probem: many empty battery packs, but only one charger. The ASC 145 Duo from Metabo puts an end to this, since the charger can charge two battery packs at the same time. The universal double quick charger has two charging stations next to each other - for parallel charging with only one cable connection. And all this with consistent charging power on both stations. which can accommodate all Li-Ion and LiHD battery packs from 12 to 36 volts. This applies to the battery packs from Metabo and also to those of other power tool and machine manufacturers who are part of the cross-manufacturer battery pack system "Cordless Alliance System (CAS)". The charging output of the ASC 145 Duo is more than twice as high as for a standard quick charger: Two 18 volt battery packs with 8.0 Ampere hours capacity can be charged in only one hour by the device. Among other things, this is thanks to the patented "AIR COOLED" charging technology from Metabo that ensures significantly shorter charging times and a long service live thanks to the cooling. Both charging terminals of the new charging station also work independently of each other and charge each with full power.


Organised charging solution

"Some machines need two 18 volt battery packs, for example the Metabo table saw TS 36-18 LTX BL 254 or the rotary hammer KHA 36-18 LTX 32", explains Thomas Zeller, manager of the competence centre "battery pack" at Metabo. Previously either two individual chargers or two charging cycles were required for new energy. "Our machines are available in a set with charger or one or two additional battery packs. The idea behind this is that you can work and charge at the same time. If one battery pack is empty, the next one is ready for use. Thanks to the duo charger this also works now for machines with two battery packs, of which we will have even more in our product range in the future", says Zeller. However, the new duo charger has advantages even for individual battery packs. Whoever uses many machines must also charge many battery packs. "Thanks to the two charging stations of the ASC 145 Duo this can obviously be done faster", says Zeller. "Our new charger is a space-saving alternative, since it requires only one wall socket and can be mounted easily at the wall. Furthermore, this reduces the risk of entrangled cables in the workshop."


Power thrust for on the go

The design of the ASC 145 Duo is pracical not only in the workshop, but also when used on the go. Contrary to the comparatively larger individual chargers, the Duo charger fits in any Metaloc case from Metabo without any problems: Wind the cable around the central part, store in the case, ready. Another benefit for on the go: The device does not only provide tool battery packs with new energy, but also charges smart phones and other terminal devices via two USB ports with 2.0 Ampere hours charging power each. To prevent them from lying in the dirt on the construction site, the central part of the charger has a practical storage surface.


The new Metabo charger ASC 145 Duo is available in a set with either four LiHD 5.5 or 8.0 Ah battery packs as well as as an accessory part.

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