Great power, small tools: New 12 and 18 volt cordless rotary hammers from Metabo

Nürtingen, October 2020

Great power, small tools: New 12 and 18 volt cordless rotary hammers from Metabo

  • The lightest cordless rotary hammers in their class
  • Powerful brushless motors for high drilling capacity
  • Safe working thanks to anti-vibration system and safety clutch



Nürtingen, October 2020: When professionals drill many holes in concrete and masonry on a daily basis and even work overhead while doing so, the tool can become a burden very quickly. "Many users prefer for such tasks a small, light rotary hammer", says product manager Markus Egelhof and adds: "However, the tool must still be powerful." Therefore, it is good that Metabo offers two new SDS-Plus cordless rotary hammers that meet precisely these requirements: The PowerMaxx BH 12 BL 16 in the 12 volt class and the BH 18 LTX BL 16 in the 18 volt range. "We wanted to develop a rotary hammer that is specially suited for assembly work, and we managed it. The new hammers are significantly smaller and lighter than the previous tools. The 1.5 kg less weight can be noticed." Whether for drilling dowel holes in concrete or masonry - with the new rotary hammers, professional users can choose from powerful tools that make even long hours of working comfortable.


Minimal size, maximum power

The two new rotary hammers have brushless motors. "This means a higher efficiency and less need for maintenance. Or in a nutshell: More power and longer service life", says product manager Egelhof. In connection with their optimised high-performance hammer action, the new hammers score with a particularly high drilling performance. "Whether drilling or hammer drilling - the new tools can do both and carry out the work in a fast and efficient manner", explains Egelhof.


Safe working

However, the new rotary hammers do not only impress with their low weight and their powerful performance, but they also ensure safe working. Both tools are equipped with the MetaboVibraTech Technology (MVT) anti-vibration system which decouples the handle surfaces and thus dampens vibrations. The result: Professionals can work safely with increased productivity throughout the entire working day. In addition, the two rotary drills are equipped with an electronic safety clutch. If the accessory jams, the electronic clutch reacts and switches off the motor. This protects the user from any harmful kickback. "In conclusion, our two new hammers are compact, light and powerful tools that protect the user`s health and strength", sums up Egelhof.


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